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Nature taking its course everywhere.
In the city too.
It's the yellow orange foliage peak,
Halloween and All Saints celebrate.
Video clips and the slides below showcase the orange-yellow 2008 vintage --
soundtrack and seasonal soundclips
taped and written in 2010.

Some autumns scream red red red

             Download mp3 Songbirds Symphony 2010
Download mp3 Bouncey Bass Beats
                  Download mp3 Singing Wrens with Percussion
             Download mp3 Toy Soldiers Pluggo and Me

Autumn Collage ~ on the Deck with the Cats

A few words from my baby of the past Millennium

Sam aka Sambu Miller born December 1972
at a November 2006 reunion with his childhood buddy Josh Drew during the Grant Street new Housing Construction below
Two Harvard Square natives speak and greet

. . . domestic cat ~ new Millennium family ~ photo album on its way . . .

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Autumn vintage 2010 Harvard Square .


Early Autumn Kitchen Flowers .                                                               Autumn vintage 2008 Harvard Square .

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